Apollo Gear Compression Knee Sleeve

Helps restore painful joints so you can stop worrying and start living an active life without knee pain!

Gain Stability & All-day Comfort With Apollo Gear Compression Technology

Anti Slip Technology

Comfortable 4 Way Stretch fit material, itch free so you can wear all day long, stable compression during gym time,squats,weightlifting, yoga,fitness. Cuffs feature Anti-Slip Silicone so brace stays on while you workout and exercise.

Therapeutic Compression

Therapeutic compression grade Knee Brace to improve muscular endurance and protect the knees. Helps promote stability and steady recovery from sports injury. Slick design machine washable for many wears, designed for all day comfort, flexibility and ultra-durability.

Breathable Fabric

Made from Neoprene, Spandex, Nylon and Silicone this allows everyday comfort. Wear all day long without any discomfort helpĀ keep your joints warm, effectively relieve muscle pain, boost circulation and keep your knees protected every time.

  • OPTIMAL COMPRESSION: Our knee sleeve provides superior support and compression to effectively reduce inflammation / swelling, stimulate blood flow and aid muscle recovery.
  • GREAT FOR ALL SPORTS: Be it lifting weights (e.g. squats, lunges, leg press), crossfit or general sports such as basketball, volleyball, MMA, soccer, football, hiking, skiing, tennis, golf, cycling, baseball, running, jogging, high jumping, dancing, walking, yoga and zumba.
  • INJURY PREVENTION & SURGERY RECOVERY: Provides relief for sufferers of ACL, MCL, PCL, meniscus tear, arthritis, tendonitis, jumpers knee and also perfect for surgery recovery.
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE & COOL LOOKING: The reinforced upper seam and added anti-slip silicone helps to keep sleeve from slipping or curling down. Breathable material makes it comfortable to wear all day long. It is flexible to run in and yet provides enough support for strenuous activities such as lifting weights. It is also nice looking, unlike the ugly beige or skin colour ones. Also not big and bulky and can even be worn under jeans!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our product is well constructed and will withstand the hard knocks of repeated use. If for whatever reason you are not happy with this brace, just return it and we will refund you for your purchase, no questions asked! Click the ADD TO CART button now and try our product completely risk free!

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